Video Problem FAQ

Here are some solution for video problem on site. Hope this will help

1 – Refresh page : Simple solution. Video just have problem sometimes. Just refresh page (F5) and it will work.

2 – Turn off your Ad/Pop-up Blocker or Ad Blocking Extension : Some video source may not work if you enable ads blocker example putlocker may not work if ads blocker enable.

3 – Use Video Mirrors tab : I ussually embed much different mirror link version of same video for each episode. If one mirror have problem, click on tab “Video Mirrors” above video player, it will show more video mirror version.

4 – Report broken link : If after tried all solution above and it still not work. Feel free to use comment option on this page to report it. But it must follow this priciple :
Name of episode : name or link of broken episode example Save Me Lollipop Episode 1
Report details : more details about which video mirrors not work example all video mirror not work or wrong video or …
I will check and answer as soon as possible. You can also use comment option on episode page to report, but i will delete these report after fixed it.

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